The Practice of Love

I was thinking about current events, and how it is so clear that some people have a hard time hearing other people’s fears and pain. It is easy to not hear the pain felt by those we consider “others.” But what if you are willing to cross that gap, and hear what other people have to say, but they can’t, or won’t even meet halfway?

This is when we need the practice of love. It’s what Jesus taught and many other traditions hold this to be important. The practice of love means that you show love for everyone, even for those who hate you. And usually, that means you get nothing in return. Sometimes all you get in return is more hatred.

The practice of love is not easy. I find myself often in dismay at the way some people think about people who are like me. And it is so easy to return the derision and hatred–that’s almost what feels appropriate. It certainly feels natural. But that’s not the Way. The Way is to love, no matter what. The way is to express love and compassion, to act out of love and compassion, no matter what we are facing in the moment. For me, the Way of love is more important that anything else. And the Way of love is the only thing that will change the world.

And just like when we sit in silent prayer or meditation, and our minds are running amok, and we have to keep coming back to our awareness or surrender, the practice of love means that we have to keep coming back, over and over again to the knowledge that Love is Divine, and being love is our path. It’s OK if we falter. That’s human. But just like in practice, have no self-judgement, allow mistakes, forgive ourselves (and others) and come back to love.


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